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Panna Stone
Panna Stone(Emerald Stone)
Zambian Panna
Zambian Emerald (Zambian Emerald)
Colombian Panna
Columbian Emerald (Colombian Emerald)
Brazilian Panna
African Emerald (Brazilian Emerald)
Swat Panna
Swat Emerald (Swat Emerald)

About Panna stone

Panna Stone
Known as Markat Mani in Southern part of India, Panna Stone is considered to be most auspicious Gemstone, the Idol of Lord Ganesha was made out of this Gemstone in ancient India. Still many of the old Idols in Temples of South India are made of Emerald Gemstone i.e., Panna Stone. The worship of this Gemstone can give same effects as the worship of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha gives worldly wisdom and spiritual dedication at the same time. The traditional Bania community and Jain community which were the business class in the Hindu India wear at least one Emerald Gemstone i.e., Panna Stone in their little finger in a silver ring or in a pendant. This Gemstone is also kept in the place of worship to bring the grace of Ganeshji in your life.

Mostly seen in the hands of people in the area of finance, business, trade and industry. Those desirous of earning wealth in a big way must wear a Panna Stone i.e., Emerald Gemstone with a strong and vibrant AURA in their Right Hand Little Finger.

In Hindu Astrology, Panna Stone is the Gemstone of Planet Budh i.e., Planet Mercury. This is the Gem for Zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. Where Budh is weak the person feels many problems in life the first is the the inability to create wealth earning assets in life. The wisdom of taking decisions for achieving overall high status in life is missing in life.

My Guruji had very high opinion of Panna Stone and recommended it in number of cases with very good results. I too recommend Panna Stone to people who have weak Budh in their chart and have seen very good results. As this is the gemstone which can control erratic temperament - it is greatly helpful in improving the strained relations between husband and wife.

This is a beautiful Gemstone which is used along with Ruby and Diamonds for making high quality Jewellery.

Panna Stone is classified according to the mines from which it is extracted. Thus, we have Colombian Panna, Zambian Panna, Brazilian Panna and Swat Panna.

Pankaj Khanna

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