Zambian Emerald Mines

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The inclusions are mainly mica and liquid-filled cavities. At their best, the colour of these emeralds is said ton resembles that of stone from sandawana and Colombia-than which there can be no higher praise.

Synthetic emeralds, for many years the prerogative of the San Francisco chemist Carroll Chatham, are now manufactured cy a number of producers and by several different processes.

By addition of some iron to his formula Pierre Gilson produced synthetic emeralds having rather higher constants (RI=1.574-1.580; SG=2.70) and with very little fluorescence. These, however, show an absorption band at 427 nm in the violet due to iron which is similar to that shown by aquamarine and some natural emeralds from Zambia.

These linde stones have a fine colour and properties very near those for natural stones. They lacked the feathers typical of emeralds grown by flux-fusion, and had small ‘nail’ and ‘brush-mark’ inclusions of their own. Their most distinctive feature was their strong red fluorescence under all radiations including visible light.
zambian emerald mines
These are usually lead-glass pastes of refractive index between 1.60 and 1.66, with SG s between 3.40 and 4.00. Often the deception is made more plausible by the presence of ‘feathers’ which, under the microscope, are seen to be rafts or chains of bubbles.
natural stones which resemble emerald in appearance, there are only three which deserve serious mention.
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