Zambian Emerald stone

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At Gem Selections one can get all qualities and sizes of Zambian Emerald Price.

The Price ranges from Rs. 1100 per ratti to Rs. 41000 per ratti. The siges available are 2.25 Rt to 11.25 Rt. If you need Zambian Emerald Gemstones of bigger or Smaller sizes then they can also be arranged.

All Gemstones at Gem Selections come with Govt. Lab Certificate, Vat paid Bill and a Guarantee of originality from Khanna Gems (P) Ltd and its promoter

Zambian Emerald Price

Zambian Emerald is generally is a valuable Emerald. It is seen less in retail market due to various reasons. The price of this Zambian Emerald starts from Rs.450 per ratti and goes upto Rs.41000 per ratti.
zambian emerald price
Good quality Zambian Emerald is a precious gemstone. It makes an excellent ring stone and is set in Jewelery along with Diamonds.
Especially selected 5 Emeralds are put in 60ml water for 24 hours. This is then taken out and kept in sunlight for 15 minutes then should be given for drinking.

Though, this water is useful for all people it is strongly recommended for people suffering from diseases related to nervous ststem.

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Rates of Various Qualities Of Panna Stones

Zambian Emerald K Quality  
Zambian Emerald J Quality  
Zambian Emerald I Quality:  
Zambian Emerald H Quality:  
Zambian Emerald G Quality:  
Zambian Emerald F Quality:  
Zambian Emerald E Quality:  
Zambian Emerald D Quality:  
Zambian Emerald C Quality:  
Zambian Emerald B Quality:  
Zambian Emerald A Quality:  

Govt. Lab Certified of Zambian Emerald

Image Of Govt Lab Certified Zambian Emerald


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