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Emerald or Panna is found in India, Zambia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, Tanzania, Australia, and Madagascar.

Zambian Gemstone stone is Very useful to wear during the major periods of mercury dasha also during the sub periods of mercury dasha.

If you are among the class of people having issues retaining wealth, then you can benefit by his stone, as it is said to have the power to hold money with the wearer.

Who should wear zambian panna stone

1. Zambian Panna : Those desirous of creating huge wealth for themselves.
2. Zambian Panna : Those having problems with nervous system
3. Zambian Panna : Where earning potential is limited.
4. Zambian Panna : Those in business of financing and trading.
5. Zambian Panna : Students and teachers as it improves intelligence and mathematical ability.
6. Zambian Panna : People above 60 years of age facing problems of nerves.
7. Zambian Panna : People in love - desiring a particular person.
8. Zambian Panna : Helps in fighting court cases.

Better peace of mind helps the person perform better and lead a tuneful and prosperous life. Children making hard for competitive exams, service men looking forward to a promotion,

Where to Buy Zambian Panna stone

We divide gems in two parts precious and semi-precious gems. We got right gems from gems shop not goldsmith shop because the reason for that goldsmith in not a gemologist thatís why we want to purchase gems from Gem shop who gives you certified gems with Government Lab. Certificate. You wanted to go famous astrologer for your right gems after that go to Gem shop for buy gems.

Why we should not purchased gems from Goldsmith shop

Goldsmith known for their gold business and they do not have much knowledge about Gems may be you get wrong gems from them. If you want to buy sapphire from goldsmith may be you get golden topaz. We are not joking with you because we have lot of experienced from saying by customer they shared their personal experiences from us. They came to us to check their gems like neelam and told us that this gem purchased from goldsmith after that we surprised to check this gems actual it is a Kaka neeli ( I-Olite) substitute of Neelam (Blue-Sapphire) so these reasons enough for this Gem happening.
zambian gemstone
We have advised to you that without astrological remedies do not wear gems because you can face lot of problems.
We want to share a experience that a customer came to us and told that he purchased a ruby 21 ratti after that he experienced that he is suffering from headache problem after wear a ruby gem thatís why we are telling.

Zambian Panna: Panna Stone from African Country of Zambia is called Zambian Panna. Zambian Panna is of Dark colour Green colour with a bluish tinge coloure of Zambian Panna is often compared to the colour of Neem Leaf.

It is widely used in Jewellery and as an Astrological Gemstone.

At Gem Selections one can get all qualities and siges of Zambian Panna. The Price ranges from Rs. 1100 per ratti to Rs. 41000 per ratti. The siges available are 2.25 Rt to 11.25 Rt. If you need Gemstones of bigger or Smaller siges then they can also be arranged.

All Gemstones at Gem Selections come with Govt. Lab Certificate, Vat paid Bill and a Guarantee of originality from Khanna Gems (P) Ltd and its promoter Mr. Pankaj Khanna.

The majority of glass imitations absorb red light strongly and thus appear green through the filter, and so does heat-treated green tourmaline, which is not unlike emerald in appearance.

Panna Stone

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